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Passport to Life: Journeying with Jesus

Lent 2019

Movement is Good.

“Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness…”  Luke 4:1

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Jesus moved around a lot!  The distance from Capernaum to Jerusalem, for example, is 85 miles of rugged terrain!  These travels Jesus made were NOT easy.  They were made by foot.  As you can see in a map of a few locations he visits, Jesus lived his life on the move!  And as he traveled from location to location, he and his disciples met new people everywhere he went.  And then many of them began following him, too.  By the time he entered Jerusalem, he had an entire procession of followers traveling with him.

Movement is good.  Especially this time of the year!  Our Lenten Services this year will seek to embody that traveling spirit as we move from congregation to congregation.  Don’t worry.  You won’t have to go too far—all of the congregations are within a 2 mile radius of one another.  And you won’t even have to travel by foot! J It will be a blessing for us to join one another in our travels on this pilgrimage of sorts along with our brothers and sisters in Christ at our neighboring ELCA congregations.

Ash Wednesday services will be held independently at each congregation, but starting with March 13 we’ll begin the journey together.  Each congregation will host both a 12:10PM afternoon Service followed by a lunch and a 5:30PM Supper with 6:30PM Lenten Service following.  I’m looking forward to journeying with Jesus together this year alongside many of our brothers and sisters in Christ we don’t get to see nearly as often.  My prayer is that friendship among those we’ve known for years is deepened and new friendships emerge through this shared Lenten observance.  May we reflect upon the distances Jesus travels to meet us where we are in the cross and the companionship with which he surrounds us as we forge the road ahead.

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Ben