Sunday Worship at 10:00 am

Pastor Benjamin Durbin

Since 2005, Pastor Ben has served congregations in youth ministry and pastoral leadership in Upper Michigan, Minnesota, and North Dakota.  He began serving the people of Augustana Lutheran Church and Fergus Falls in February 2014 and has deeply enjoyed serving a congregation committed to both embracing innovation and rooting itself in tradition.  He believes that tradition in the church is like the pattern that drives a 12-bar blues song—when the musicians agree on that pattern and understand it, they’re set free to all sorts of life-giving improvisation that lifts the soul.  The grace of Jesus Christ sets us free to be the people God has created and called us to be.  We find joy in living this life together. 

Outside of his service in the church, he loves spending time with the love of his life, Ruth, and daughters, Lucy and Zinnia.  In his free time, he loves reading, writing, and rocking out with friends.  In what almost feels like a former life, he has played with the following rock bands: Two Ton Watermelons, Carsplat!, The PolyEsthers (2 recorded albums), The Mustard Seed Conspiracy, and, most recently, Ben Durbin’s Modern Antiques (1 recorded album).  He is grateful for his high school band director, who taught him, “The church gig is the best gig out there.  Whether you sound great or completely flop, they still love you.”  It’s that grace in failing that leads to success that Pastor Ben strives to share with people on the road following Jesus together. 

Pastor Ben retired from his distinguished 21-year career in Fantasy Football in Spring 2018.

Pastor Ben grew After serving two congregations in youth ministry in Upper Michigan and northern Minnesota and fronting several garage-rock/alt-country bands, Ben decided to pursue a call to ordained ministry.  He has spoken in churches and played in venues across the American Midwest and is currently serving as Intern Pastor for three congregations in eastern North Dakota.  His passions include reading, writing and rocking out in addition to proclaiming God’s Good News to the world.  He is also very excited that his 2011 fantasy football team is off to its best start in 16 years.